Out of Hours Call Handling

Out of hours call handling improves customer care, allowing businesses to continue to provide their services overnight, on weekends and over holidays covering 24/7, 365 days a year.

This means that you won’t lose out on customers to a competitor as they will always be able to speak to someone representing you.

Benefits of

Out of Hours Call Handling

Improve Customer Service

Utilising out of hours call handling enables businesses to offer better customer service and meet their customers needs even when they’re not there. When businesses aren’t open, customers can still speak to a real person representing your business. VRC will use your specific instructions when call handling, so your business will always be shown exactly how you want it to be.

Increased Profits

Missing customer calls means missing out on business and potential profit. Customers who have access to your business 24/7, 365 days a year are  unlikely to go to one of your competitors and use their services instead. This increases customer loyalty and improves brand reputation, therefore, improving overall business profit.

Any Industry

Out of hours call handling is applicable to a wide variety of industries, wherever businesses need to maintain a high standard of customer care it can be used effectively. This includes IT communications, medical receptions, legal receptions, housing associations, facilities management and even manufacturing. VRC’s skilled, well-trained operators are prepared to cope with the varied scope of this service and give you the peace of mind that your customers will be dealt with in the right way.

VRC recommends out of hours call handling if:

You receive a high volume of calls which means you may be missing out on profit,

If you simply don’t have the capacity to answer them all. Our out of hours call handling means your customers can speak to a real person and leave details enabling you to get back to them when you can.

Working standard operating hours can mean that a lot of people.

Who also work those hours, are unable to contact your business in their free time. With VRC, your business can be available beyond standard working hours and means you can engage with that customer group, that are only available to call you after they leave work.

Operating during standard hours presents its challenges but so do other schedules.

It can be just as difficult for your customers to speak to you if you only work during mornings or evenings or not the full five days for example. If you are not available when you find your customers are contacting the business the most, out of hours call handling can fill the gaps of your availability and ensure calls are always taken even when you’re not there. 

If your day to day timetable is filled with a lot of meetings and you find yourself missing important calls.

VRC can ensure that even if you’re busy customers can still access your business. Providing you with the background information when you have the time to call them back, supports your customer and business relationships.


How It Works

VRC answer your calls efficiently and as professionally as if they were in your office during operating hours. All calls will be answered by our experienced team of highly skilled operators according to your specific instructions and using your company name.

In the case of emergencies, the call will be immediately relayed to your duty personnel. We don’t stray from your instructions. We provide our customers with detailed daily reports via email, of all calls received during out of hours and the actions taken by our operators, providing you with documentary proof to communicate with these customers during operating hours. It evidences your exceptional customer care and response times.


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