Keyholding Response

Keyholding and rapid alarm response services are an integral part of running a successful business, it is effective on both small and large-scale commercial sites as well as residential properties.

There are risks associated with having employees as keyholders of the business and by outsourcing it to a professional security company cuts out confusion, guarantees immediate alarm response and the safety of the property, assets and people.

Benefits of

Keyholding Response

Fast and Flexible 

Keyholding is suitable for businesses where it operates during normal working hours and is closed overnight, reducing the associated risk to employees of having to respond to an out of hours activation. Our national team of officers are available day and night to respond as quickly as possible to any alarm activations, reducing the risk of damage or theft, with minimal disruption to your daily operations and staff.

Threat Reduction 

Keyholding and rapid alarm response services are an excellent deterrent and highly effective for preventing crime at residential and commercial properties. It is especially useful for commercial properties where there are periods that no one is in the building, having response officers close by, gives you the peace of mind that your property will not become a criminal’s next target.

Health and Safety

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your employees while at work. By allocating one of your employees as the keyholder you are giving them the responsibility to respond to any break-ins or crime on your premises. By making use of VRC’s keyholding services through our partner ARK, it prevents your employees from being vulnerable. Having a team of highly trained and fully SIA licensed officers who are equipped to deal with a vast variety of security breaches means the security of your property, assets and employees will always be a priority.

How it works 

1. Site Visit

Following acceptance of our quotation and a signed service agreement, ARK’s certified and fully licensed response officers will visit the site to conduct a free survey, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the property layout and the alarm system. It’s also the time to specify entry procedures and operational guidelines. It’s important to allocate our officers with a point of contact on-site, in the event that these procedures change, they cannot gain access to the site or they have encountered a threat or issue.

2. Key Collection

ARK’s officer will collect a set of keys to the necessary entry points and issue you with a receipt for your records. The keys are sealed, coded and held the ARK SIA licensed service partner assigned to your site. The keys are only accessed by SIA licensed staff when their presence is required at your property.

3. Alarm Activation / Officer Dispatch

When there is an alarm activation or a callout request, the officers will be notified via ARK’s control centre and dispatched to the premises with the keys to investigate. The officers are fully trained to cope with a plethora of scenarios and will contact the necessary people and take any other appropriate action to minimise any risk. You will be made aware of the emergency procedure before we start keyholding. In non-emergency instances we will operate within the pre-agreed alarm response operational parameters for each individual site.

4. Secure Your Premises

The officers will ensure your property is secure before they leave and will provide a comprehensive report for yours and our records. A full report will be provided every time an officer attends the property. The reporting will fit the incident, if it’s a false alarm rest assured, we won’t disturb you in the middle of the night, but we will always follow up the next working day, keeping our customers fully informed, always.

5. Contact Police (when applicable)

If required, officers will arrange for emergency services to attend and any other essential people, this may be reliable repair companies or a boarding-up company so your premises will be left secure. If it is an alarm system fault, we will recommend contacting your alarm company.   


What do we offer?

Through our partner company ARK, VRC provides rapid alarm response and keyholding services throughout the UK, which is all fully compliant with BS7984-1 and BS7984-2.

All keys are securely logged and stored, giving our customers the peace of mind that when their alarm is activated, an experience fully trained and SIA licensed response officer will carry out a full inspection making sure your property, assets and people are secure. Following the inspection, a full activation report will be sent you, including advice on the security of your premises and any recommended improvements.



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