NSI Gold Category 2

Benefits of  NSI Gold Category 2

VRC’s NSI Gold Category II Remote Video Response Centre, built and operated to NSI SSQS 102 demonstrates our technical competence and experience.

It shows our customers that we are continually working to the relevant standards and NSI codes of practice to maintain our Gold certification.

Our Gold approval shows VRC are operating a Quality Management System to BS ISO 9001 standard, so whether it’s a commercial or residential customer, we are providing a high-quality experience throughout. It also demonstrates how seriously we take our position in the security industry, all the members of our highly experienced team are screened appropriately to BS 7858 and fully trained to deal with their daily responsibilities and any sensitive information they have access to.

As an NSI approved company, during our audits we are also regularly checked for financial probity, insurance, contract management, contract infrastructure and management of personnel. We are always striving towards making improvements in our performance, efficiency and customer service to become the independent leaders in remote monitoring services.

How They Got Started

The NSI started as the National Supervisory Council for Intruder Alarms (NSCIA) in 1971, as a solution to poor quality equipment and installers in the security alarm market. Two decades later, the NSCIA merged with the Security Systems Inspectorate (SSI) to make up the National Approval Council for Security Systems (NACOSS). The role of NACOSS was to improve standards to match the insurance sector and Police national alarms policy tougher requirements.

The Inspectorate of the Security Industry (ISI) came about in 1992 and included the addition of a voluntary inspection regime. The ISI and NACOSS merged nine years later, becoming the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), creating one definitive certification body covering all aspects of the security industry. 

Their Mission

The NSI have worked for over 40 years, protecting businesses and homeowners through robust, high-quality audits of all types of security as well as, fire safety service providers. They passionately believe every customer, no matter how big or how small, should receive a professional and competent service from the security industry. Their approval demonstrates a business’ commitment to quality and the highest standards of service. Their mission in their own words: ‘To provide robust, customer-focused certification in order to raise standards.’ As they continue to work with the security industry, they aim to maintain their position as the ultimate reassurance in fire, security and related facilities management approval.

More about NSI 

Businesses and homeowners who choose NSI approved companies have the reassurance that their contractors will work to the highest industry standards demanded by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services as well as the insurance industry. The NSI Directory lists all the companies who have successfully achieved NSI certification.
The NSI awards silver and the highly regarded gold statuses to successful companies. The gold status incorporates the relevant sector-specific product and quality management system certification. It is perceived by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services and insurers as a demonstration of high level of value.
All approved companies are closely monitored to ensure they are maintaining the high standards required for the certification, reassuring businesses and homeowners they are getting the best service from the best contractors n the security market.
To read more about the NSI visit their website.


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