British Security Industry Association 

Benefits of BSIA

As a BSIA member, VRC has the opportunity to represent the Association in the development of standards impacting the industry, as private security experts.

This ensures we are up to date on the relevant standards and maintaining compliance, so our customers have the reassurance that they are receiving a high-quality safe service and our employees are operating in a secure environment.

The BSIA’ s involvement with the Government also means by being a member, we have an in-depth understanding of how clauses of legislation impact the security industry and us as a business such as the Data Protection Act 2018 so we can implement changes accordingly.

Coupled with this, we also have the advantage of receiving relevant advice and guidance, as well as consumers being able to see the value and quality of our services as a BSIA member. It shows our customers that we are a reputable security business and enables us to continue to develop VRC utilising BSIA’s guides and publications.

How They Got Started

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) was founded over 50 years ago and has become the main trade association for the UK’s professional security industry.

They have had a big hand in shaping the private security industry and today, their members make up 70% of privately provided security products and services nationwide. From manufacture, distribution and installation of electronic and physical security equipment to security guarding and consultancy services.

Their Mission

The BSIA exists to be the voice of the private security industry, providing support for their members and encouraging excellence within the sector.

Their aim is to educate the security sector on the value of quality and professionalism. Their hope is to contribute to a climate where the BSIA Membership is the symbol of high-quality and compliance in the security industry.

More about BSIA 

The BSIA’s role doesn’t stop with supporting their own members, they have also contributed in making revisions and amendments to British, European and International Standards relating to the UK’s private security industry, including electronics and manned guarding, BS 8418 (Detector Activated CCTV) and BS 8484 (Lone Worker systems) to name a few. The association also work closely with the Government, interpreting and seeking clarification for legislation which has a significant impact on the security industry as well as, putting forward the views of its members to be considered when new regulations are being developed.

To read more about the BSIA visit their website.


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